Floor Mat Rental & Cleaning Services

White Way’s rental mats are the best solution for effective floor protection while maintaining a clean, fresh appearance. Rental service mats are perfect for entryways, high-traffic areas, employee workstations, and areas prone to spills, such as around salad bars, produce counters, vending machines, and water fountains.

What can mats do for your facility?

  • floor mat rental services Protect Floors: High-twist nylon yarns remove up to 80% of the soil that would otherwise be tracked in on shoes.
  • Save Money: Having mats in place means you can clean and wax floors – and vacuum, shampoo, and replace carpet – less often.
  • Personalize: Custom logo mats project your corporate image while protecting your facility's floors.
  • Enhance Appearance: Choose from a selection of modern, attractive colors to compliment your color scheme.
  • Dissipate Static: Thousands of carbon filaments absorb and dissipate static electricity, protecting sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Fight Fatigue: Placing mats at staff work stations prevents tired feet and improves productivity.
  • Improve Safety: Mats prevent falls by keeping floors clean and dry, and are more slip-resistant than bare floors.

Why rental service?

custom logo mats

Facility floor mats take a beating, so they need regular maintenance and care. White Way’s rental mats are laundered with specialized washing equipment to remove built-up soil and restore their appearance. Your mats will be replaced on a regular schedule – so you can continue to rely on them, no matter what comes through your front door!

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