RFID Smart Garment Tracking

100% Guarantee

How can White Way guarantee the accuracy of your uniform delivery? We use state-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in our entire uniform inventory and throughout our plant.

What is RFID technology?

RFID garment tracking for uniformsOur RFID control system allows us to track your uniforms through the cleaning and repair process at our plant, ensure specific, personalized care for each garment, and to guarantee the accuracy of your uniform delivery – all at no cost to you. We place an an RFID chip about the size of a dime in all of our uniforms behind the manufacturer's label (in the waistband of pants or the tail of shirts). Using the same safe technology found in many credit cards, these chips individually identify each garment.

  • For us, this means we can efficiently process your special requests, make necessary repairs, accurately bundle your order, and control our inventory.
  • For you, this means no more missing shirts, no more uniform shortages, and never finding a stranger’s pants in your order!

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Manage your account online – anytime!

With RFID tracking and our Business Intelligence software, managing your account online is easy and convenient.

  • Manage internal employee transfers
  • Add and remove employees
  • Add and remove ancillary items
  • See your employees' usage in real time
  • See an endless stream of data on any specific item