How RFID Smart Garment Tracking Works

See how RFID guides your uniforms through our plant:

Step 1: Scanning

After we pick your uniforms up, the garments are scanned and electronically sorted by color, fabric, and soil content. The garments are counted and weighed to the correct level to ensure proper care during the wash cycle.

Step 2: Cleaning & Hanging

The garments are loaded into the washer and the operator enters a cleaning formula specifically designed for that load.

When the wash cycle is over, the garments are unloaded. Shirts are immediately sent to the hanging station, while pants are loaded into the dryer to be slightly dried.

All garments are placed on hangers and sent to the finishing tunnel, which completes the drying process and removes wrinkles.

Step 3: Two-Stage Sorting

After being cleaned, garments are electronically sorted in a 2-phase process. First, all garments are scanned and sorted, customer orders are bundled, and any customer requests are printed out and attached to the corresponding items.

Next, the individual garments are sorted onto separate rails in preparation for our line inspection process.

Step 4: Inspecting & Repairing

As the garments move on to our inline inspection and repair station, an inspector preforms a thorough inspection of each item. All necessary repairs – both those marked on customer requests and those proactively identified – are immediately made, without removing the item from the process flow.

Step 5: Bundle Reading

Finally, each wearer's bundle is checked against the original count to ensure accuracy. In the event a garment has gotten out of order, the bundle scanner will identify a missing or extra item. This ensures a 100% complete and accurate delivery.