Uniform Rental Programs

Eliminate up-front clothing investments with a White Way uniform rental or lease program. For one low weekly charge per employee, we outfit your staff in the uniforms of your choice and provide garment maintenance and replacement as needed.

White Way uniforms are...

  • Brand-Building. We help you select the right look for your uniform program from a wide array of fabric, color, and style choices.
  • Comfortable. Each employee is personally measured to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Convenient. We issue the appropriate number of garments to each individual (usually one change of uniform per day).
  • Professional. We replace garments when they become worn or when a size change is necessary so that your uniforms always look fresh.
  • Accurate. 100% guaranteed delivery. Our RFID Smart Garment Tracking ensures each employee receives the right garments, every time.

Rental vs. lease

Our uniform rental and lease programs both give you the same great service and worry-free convenience, so what’s the difference? Our garment rental program has the added benefit of weekly cleanings for all your uniforms. We professionally clean and finish each garment, and carefully inspect them for minor tears, missing buttons, loose emblems, and other flaws. We make any needed repairs, and then deliver the uniforms back to you on-time.

There when you need us

With both our uniform rental and lease programs, your business will be assigned three trained White Way service professionals – a Route Representative who keeps your program running smoothly, a Service Manager who ensures you’re getting everything you need when you need it; and a helpful Customer Service Representative who is available to provide immediate telephone assistance.

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